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Station history

History of UZ "Vitebsk regional blood transfusion station" starts with March, 1932, when at the Department of surgery, Vitebsk medical Institute opened a branch of the Central Moscow Institute of blood transfusion.

the First chief doctor was head. Department, Professor Petrov N. T., who led staff of the station until 1944.

When creating a blood service in the core of its activities was based on the principle formulated by academician of AMS of USSR A. A. by Bagdasarova: "Maximum benefit to the patient - no harm to the donor". And today, while trying to meet the demands of a new day, improving and defining new objectives, we remain true to this principle.

The Regular giving of blood is a sufficient number of healthy people is essential, because blood can be stored only for a limited period of time.

So every day people come in the organization of the blood service to give blood and save someone's life, to help people in these circumstances are forced to overcome pain and suffering, and to believe, to believe in the future, to those people who give life and hope, in his heart giving their blood to complete strangers.

Every third inhabitant of the earth once in your life in need of donor blood or blood products.

Donated blood saves the lives of people of all ages, and infants, and respected elders. Donated blood has been used successfully in the treatment of massive bleeding that can result from accidents, all kinds of traumas, injuries, natural disasters, and also during heavy operations and childbirth.

blood Transfusion is one of the most effective ways to treat many diseases: leukemia, hemophilia, severe anemia, radiation sickness, severe burns, DIC, as well as many other diseases, the treatment of which requires blood transfusion or the introduction into the body of the patient different drugs and components of blood. Some people need lifelong use of blood components, for example, patients with hemophilia.

the staff of the UZ "Viciebsk regional blood transfusion station" always mindful of others ' pain, and on demand gratuitously gave his blood.

Things in the blood is not and can not be, every detail is important. It is important to find the approach to each donor. It is equally important to ensure the safety of the components and blood products and to deliver them to the patient, but to do so is not easy. Therefore work tirelessly, the staff of the blood service, solving many problems.


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